Friday, January 27, 2012


Researching what's online by "christian" ministers, shocked me how many theories there are floating around. Theories aren't worth much if they contain nothing but some idiot's opinion. I'm not interested in hearing someone's opinion, especially when it comes to God's word.  I want to know what the Bible REALLY says. So forgive me for taking time to blow some holes in a few people's boats.

According to one "theory" out there, where a minister is standing in a pulpit teaching this: "there is no antichrist. Anywhere it says antichrist, it really means Jesus. And anywhere it says "beast" it really means Israel." That is such tripe, I couldn't let it go by without telling you the truth.

Here's a clue: When God said JEWS, he meant JEWS. When He said BEAST, he didn't mean Jesus. When He used a parable, he told you it was a parable.  If Christians would quit trying to INTERPRET what the Bible says, and pay attention to what it says, it would stop the confusion. If people would stop taking ONE verse and using it to mean something out of context, they'd quit saying "There too many contradictions in the Bible for it to be true." And here's a huge truth for you: THERE ARE NO CONTRADICTIONS IN GOD'S WORD. Nope. Not a one.

The prophecy for this week is that in the last days there will be a "spirit of antichrist". There have always been unbelievers in the world. But compare the 1950s to what's happening now. Schools can have clubs for everything from witchcraft to almost any other religion you can name, EXCEPT Christian clubs. Teachers can quote everyone from Buddah to the Quran. But it's illegal to quote the Bible. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! Oh yeah, the spirit of antichrist.

Our constitution guarantees that NO law shall be made either for or against religion. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! Oh yeah, the spirit of antichrist.

Mention the name of Jesus and just watch the spirit of antichrist rear it's ugly head.

This might be a good time to mention the Constitution of the United States NEVER said anything about separation of church and state. That came straight out of the communist manifesto. Yep, and the spirit of antichrist latched onto it and have convinced the American public it's truth.

I think there was real wisdom in God referring to us as sheep. Sheep don't have much thought process and will follow anybody whether it's their own shepherd or not. Translation: How in the world can people be so dumb sometimes.

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